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History Adjunct Pool

Part Time • SAGU Part Time

Southwestern Assemblies of God University is seeking applicants for adjunct positions in the History Department in the College of Business and Education. Faculty members may be assigned general survey courses or courses in an area of specialization. This position will report to the Department Chair of History, College of Business and Education Dean, any local Administrative Dean when serving at an Extension Site, and the Vice President for Academics.

Primary Function:

Adjunct faculty members teach courses, fulfill the major responsibilities as assigned by the Vice President for Academics and detailed in the job description, and exercise spiritual leadership with their students.
Time Frame

Start Date: August 2023

Major Responsibilities
Adjunct Faculty

• Teach courses as assigned by the Department Chair and the Dean. Courses may be scheduled during day or night hours, or Saturdays.
• Prepare syllabi in accordance with the institutional model, initiate the process of textbook selection in a timely fashion, oversee quality educational experiences with intentional biblical integration throughout the course for students, produce attendance reports within the posted schedule, produce evaluations and scores of student performance via the learning management system, and submit final grades per the posted schedule.
• Provide 30 minutes of availability per week per course for student consultations (on a selected day or attached to a class).
• Provide a curriculum characterized by currency, harmony with Assemblies of God doctrine, and supported by biblical integration across all disciplines.
• Wear professional attire during class and begin and end each class on time.
• Carry out instructional and spiritual formation activities with students and staff in accordance with University policies and practices.
• Work harmoniously with faculty, staff, administration, and students.
• Adapt to change and innovation.
• Become familiar with the policies of the University by carefully reviewing a copy of the University’s Institutional Policy Manual that will be provided at the time of hire.
• Connect and communicate with the Department Chair on a regular basis.
• Participate in New Faculty Orientation.


• College and Department Meetings. Adjunct faculty are invited (but not required) to attend College and Department meetings with the privilege of voice and vote.
• Faculty Orientation Meetings and Commencement Ceremonies. Adjunct faculty are not required, but encouraged, to attend the Faculty In-Service meetings. Likewise adjunct faculty are not required, but encouraged, to participate in commencement ceremonies.

Minimum Qualifications:

• Master’s degree from a regionally accredited university in history or history-related field or a master’s degree with a minimum of 18 hours in history;
• One-year previous teaching experience at the collegiate level;
• Ability to effectively communicate across diverse populations in verbal and written expression;
• Experience using a learning management system;
• Faith, service, and lifestyle that meets University expectations.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Ph.D. from a regionally accredited university in history;
• Three or more years teaching experience at the collegiate level;
• Experience with Blackboard learning management system;
• Active member in good standing in the Assemblies of God.

Supporting Information For Faculty Applicants

Elements to include:

  • Official application for employment. During your application you will be asked about your beliefs. Please read through the SAGU Beliefs prior to answering related parts of the application.
  • Full Resume
Once we've reviewed your application and resume and determined that you will be moving to the next step of the process, we'll reach out to request the following items: 

  1. Copies of transcripts from all higher education institutions (must be from a regionally accredited school). During preliminary interviews, we may photocopy these transcripts. However, as your candidacy formalizes, we'll need official transcripts.
  2. A 3-5 page excerpt of a paper you completed for any graduate-level work.
  3. A written expression of your philosophy of Christian Higher Education. 
  4. Two letters of reference, including one pastoral reference, if available. (E.g. If you attend a mega church, you may or may not know the senior pastor, so it is acceptable to ask any minister familiar with your faith to write a letter of reference for you.) 
  5. Completion of the Exploratory Themes document

Additionally, for candidates applying for Church Ministries positions: 1.) an audio recording of an average sermon or classroom presentation, and 2.) a statement from the district secretary confirming your credential is in good standing if you are a credentialed minister.

Please submit application and support material via: http://www.sagu.edu/about-sagu/employment 

(if you already have a resume on Indeed)

Or apply here.

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